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Letters, Jan. 25

Don’t feel guilty

I read and re-read Dennis Kendig’s letter and reflected on my own feelings when I hear the land acknowledgment that most cultural events present to their audiences.

When I first heard the message years ago, I did not understand what I was supposed to feel. I did not feel guilt, and I am not sure that making people feel guilty is the intention of these messages. I feel many things, but when I hear the message delivered by OSF, I feel thankful to the people who have had so much taken from them. The message from OSF ultimately makes me a more thoughtful person, which I hope I carry with me every day in my actions.

I am sorry that Dennis Kendig will stop supporting OSF. I think part of OSF’s mission is to educate and the land acknowledgment message is a part of educating us.

Don’t feel guilty! Take the messages you hear and be grateful for the life you live and maybe, instead of inwardly feeling guilty, do something outward — make a donation to a Native American charity, read more about the Modoc wars, think about others and don’t punish the cultural institutions in Southern Oregon.

MaryAnn Gernegliaro


Wes Howard sports park

What an amazing and generous gift was bequeathed to our youth, from a man many called a curmudgeon. A man who lived quietly in his childhood home for his entire life.

He retrieved water from a hand dug well, and used an outhouse.

Anyone who values their privacy, who lives alone and chases interlopers off their land with a shotgun in hand, will tweak the curiosity of children. Stories will soon be made up and passed around as truth or dare.

The more I read about this man, the more I imagine he may have appeared gruff but as soon as he turned his back and walked away from those bothersome youngsters, a smile appeared on his face.

He proved this is true due to the gift he gave to our youth. An $11 million gift.

I believe the city of Medford is doing right by him financially. However I do not like the design. It’s cold, made of steel, looks like a warehouse, hot pavement, and has a perfectly manicured lawn (which due to our new normal annual drought should not exist)., Howard might not be pleased. I urge the city to re-think the design.

Robin E. Brown