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Letters, Jan. 26

To those who deliver

Here’s to the folks that deliver all of our “stuff” to our houses! Although I will leave someone off this list, we’re talking UPS, FedEx, USPS and all the others that deliver to our doorstep.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

In a time of “I gotta have it tomorrow” — yep, me included — it’s remarkable that six-to-eight-weeks-for-delivery times are a thing of the past. Around the holidays, these folks deliver happiness. At other times, they deliver the items from golf gear to fish food in the same record time. Thanks for your hustle and dedication to your jobs and delivering our packages.

Rick Parsagian


OSF pre-show announcement

On the topic of the OSF pre-show announcement: I find acknowledging the Native Americans who inhabited this land before Europeans arrived a noble effort, as many are unaware of the full scope of the devastation wrought upon those cultures.

However, the current change to that announcement has become essentially an overly long history lesson that is tiresome. I also find that the tone can be construed to sound like a shaming to all of European ancestry, rather than a celebration of the rich culture of Native Americans.

Chris Adams


Secret mission

I read with interest Michael Holmes’ report of his his time in Israel and how he and his fellow soldiers helped during Operation Desert Storm. He did get a key point wrong when he described protecting the nuclear cooling tower in Haifa.

While there were cooling towers present in Haifa in 1991, they were for the oil refinery complex that was built by the British and completed in 1944. This industrial site would have been a target for Saddam Hussein’s scud misses and a strike on this site could have caused many civilian casualties as well as economic damage. But there would not have been any meltdown.

This does not detract from the larger story of service and an interesting story.

David Eisenberg