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Letters, Feb. 2

Water problems

Water, with the advent of climate change, is the most important and unpredictable part of being able to farm.

For years, the Rogue Valley has had a cinsistant ability to provide irrigation to farms, vineyards and orchards, but last year showed us what the future might be. The reservoirs are at 4% and 6% of capacity. There is no reliable prediction of rain in the future. And the illegal marijuana cartels are flooding the valley, sucking up all the water there is even though they are not entitled to any of it.

We are living in an unprecedented time and currently, the Talent Irrigation District has lost its previous manager and the board seems to be sitting on their hands and are not involved in any planning for the future. Is there any plan to bring additional water from the Rogue River, for instance, to the canals? Will our valley die from drought exacerbated by the magnitude of marijuana fields?

Legitimate agriculture provides needed food for people and livelihood to the farmers. Water has been available for years and suddenly, circumstances all around us have changed. We need desperately to look at possible alternatives and take what actions we can.

Traute Moore


The Matrix

If you haven’t seen “The Matrix” movie — there are four of them — I suggest you do. The fourth one was released this last December in the theater.

The premise of the movie: take the blue pill, continue your life as usual. Don’t question anything, don’t think critically, obey government, comply with all you’re told, continue to listen to our big media installing fear to All Americans, and of course, continue to be a part of a jab that we have no long-term results to look at.

If you’re tired of living in fear, take the red pill. Put your fear aside. Question everything, use your common sense, follow the money. Realize government works for us. There are more of us than them. That’s what they fear. But be warned — once you wake up, you can’t un-see what you’ve learned. It’s your choice.

By the way, if you’ve had the virus and you’re still alive, you are in the 94 to 99%. You are not going to die one moment earlier or one moment later than God, our creator, has decided.

To end, “I sought the Lord, and he answered me and delivered me from all of my fears” — Psalm 34:4

Renee Fisher