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Letters, Feb. 4


I am confused. Local graffiti people seem to me almost all Latinos.

The smash-and-grab platoons seem to be almost all members of minority groups. Yet, the press tiptoes around mentions of their race, ethnicity and culture.

However, when a cop shoots a minority group member, the victim’s race is invariably mentioned. So … when a crime is committed by a member of a minority group, his race is cloaked. On the other hand, when that person is a victim (of a white or Black cop) his race is named. Like I said, I am confused, but all this is well-discussed in John McWhorter’s “Woke Racism.” A Black academic, he has sorted it out.

Hubert Smith


Use your sense

A Feb. 2 letter to the editor used the Matrix movies as some sort of bizarre metaphor, making the case that people shouldn’t get vaccinated. More credible sources, such as the Mayo Clinic, make a much better case for why you should. For example, they can prevent serious illness or death

The letter ended with a promise that the Lord will deliver us. There’s a story about that: Robert LaMay was a Washington State Trooper who quit last October rather than get vaccinated as required by Gov. Jay Inslee. He posted a video telling the governor to “Kiss my a--.” It went viral, and he became the darling of wingnut media until he caught COVID-19. Now he’s dead.

After arriving in heaven, he asked the Lord, “Why didn’t you deliver me, as promised?” The Lord said, “I sent you three vaccines, and you just turned up your nose.”

OK, so that last part is speculation, but you get the picture: The Lord wants you to use your sense and take reasonable precautions. The vaccines are free, safe and very effective. Your number will be up soon enough. Why rush it?

Michael Steely