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Letters, Feb. 6

Is Biden to blame?

The Mail Tribune reports that the 19 countries who use the Euro currency are experiencing record inflation; does President Biden get the blame for this too?

Mike Mooney


Wallan a no-show on climate

Having moved from Talent to Medford after the Almeda fire, I was very disappointed to find myself moved out of House District 5, ably represented by Pam Marsh, into House District 6, which is hardly represented at all by Kim Wallan.

For me and most thinking Oregonians, climate change is the number one issue that governments at every level should be addressing. Wallan has walked out to avoid voting on this issue and covers her eyes and ears to keep from seeing or hearing the warnings of how catastrophic climate change has been and will be for our precious state.

Instead, she listens to the $10,250 she has received in large donations from corporations and wealthy people since she was re-elected in 2020, including $5,750 from those based outside of Oregon, including $1,000 from Koch Industries.

Let’s hope someone who cares about Oregon’s future will run against her this year.

Allen Hallmark


God decides?

I have one question for the writer of the letter in the Feb. 2 Tribune titled “The Matrix.” If I get hit by a bus and die on my next outing, that was God’s decision?

Mary Lewis