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Letters, Feb. 7

Confusion understandable

In his letter of 4 Feb, Hubert Smith states that he is “confused” by what he views as favorable bias toward Blacks and Hispanics.

I suspect that Smith grew up at a time when all-white was all right, whether in the Supreme Court, the board rooms or elected bodies. I don’t know how long Smith has lived in Jacksonville; however, as a young white man moving to the Rogue Valley in 1971, I heard about the “sundown law” mandating by law or custom that a Black person couldn’t spend the night in Medford. I also heard frequent comments that Hispanics were suitable only for manual or menial labor.

So I don’t doubt that it must be confusing to Smith when, in the 21st century, some attempts are made to change to a more equal treatment of those who weren’t born with the privileges granted to white people. Those changes, adopted by an increasingly diverse population, involve avoiding Smith’s sweeping generalizations based on race or ethnicity, especially for those whose past is marked by a documented lack of equal rights.

Ken Chapman


Alas misinformation

What constitutes, and who establishes what the term misinformation means? Vaccines will end COVID-19 — Ahh, well we all know how that turned out. No masks after vaccines — Oops. Pandemic of the unvaccinated — that is no longer even close to being true.

There seem to be so many examples of information that has become misinformation, and information labeled misinformation that has become accurate. Misinformation is used as a pejorative by those who, in their grab for power — our government officials, social media and mainstream media — have used it to silence any voice that is contrary to the mantra of what appears to be the new “truth” of the day.

We have lost the ability to have an open forum, where ideas, ideals and the ability to express yourself are censored by those who proclaim to know what is truth and what is misinformation. It is disturbing — no, distressing — to see our soapbox on the public square being kicked out from under the feet of any who might want to share their views, accurate or inaccurate, to be censored by the power elites in our Orwellian society. God bless and help America.

Gary Spires

Eagle Point