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Letters, Feb. 8

Lyons column insulting

Gene Lyons is a columnist.

He may have attended the same school of journalism as Johnny One Note Leonard Pitts: The Institute of Higher Disingenuity.

In his column published Jan. 30, headed “At the one-year mark, Biden is in good company,” he writes, “For all the wailing and gnashing of teeth about high gasoline prices and 7% inflation — both outside the president’s control ...”

I do not know how to characterize this other than insulting.

Ending oil independence may have had a hand in it. Denying new drilling permits may have had a hand in it. Looking for ways to terminate existing drilling leases may have a hand in it.

And inflation? Try flooding the country with printed money and see what happens.

These are not esoteric circumstances known to a few, these are in-your-face, deliberate, egregious consequences known to all who can read or watch television.

Can we not have honest opinions without insulting the reader?

William Carpenter


OSF pre-show

Some writers have reacted to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival pre-show announcement concerning land acknowledgement. One patron will no longer support OSF. Also, a patron was made to feel more guilty. Another felt that the tone could be construed to sound like a shaming of those with European ancestry.

One writer was unaware that tribes lived in the Rogue Valley. The writer expressed a desire to learn about the Rogue Valley Indians. I suggest reading “Valley of the Rogues,” by Percy T. Booth, published by the Josephine County Historical Society.

The Rogues didn’t have a written language. The history was passed down by word of mouth. Percy T. Booth learned the Rogue history from the mouth of a Native American. This booklet gives an account of the early customs and living conditions of the Rogue Indians (pre-European).

Is it necessary to give an uninvited history lesson that might be inaccurate, thus making informed people unhappy? For those that say yes, I disagree. Is it necessary to give an uninvited history lesson, that might be inaccurate, to those seeking entertainment? For those who say yes, I disagree. OSF should drop the pre-show and make the booklet by Percy T. Booth available.

Bill Hartley