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Salty — or not?

Jesus is biblically reported to have said, “... if salt shall lose its saltiness, whereof can it be made salty again?” Good question, with political implications. If a people should lose their interest in preserving democracy, can they still behave democratically?

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Many Americans seem to have lost their “saltiness” in favor of an absolutist conservatism, wildly seeking a cure for whatever ails them. It is comfortable to yield one’s conscience to autocracy, to avoid blame and responsibility for horrific events, to need no knowledge of history, to feel justified in floating hostility and anger with no rational foundation for their justification.

It is so easy to blame others for real or imagined impositions, and believe oneself informed without knowledge of the preponderance of evidence broadly available, caught in a logical fallacy where the legitimacy of all knowledge is gauged only against one’s own preconceptions and beliefs; so easy, so comfortable and reassuring of certainty. The world is very complex and challenging; how easy it is to surrender one’s judgment to the loudest, most extravagant purveyors of hearsay, unfounded claims and outrageous proposals.

If we should lose our democracy to loudmouthed, thuggish opportunism, how shall we ever get it back?

Gary Collins


What happened to Republicans?

The Democratic Party certainly isn’t perfect, but they do follow the law to protect our democracy. Most Republicans, on the other hand, are treating the Jan. 6 riot/insurrection as a normal protest. This belief was verified with a unanimous vote of the Republican National Committee stating that these were just ordinary citizens engaging in a legitimate political discourse. What?

Additionally, they sanctioned the two Republicans, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, who are on the House investigating committee. Anybody observing what transpired that day should be horrified about the deadly assault on our Capitol. A few Republicans have condemned the RNC, but most have kept silent.

What happened the alleged law and order party, and how can any law-abiding citizen still claim they are a Republican and continue to support those who are reticent about such a clear-cut issue?

Bob Miller