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Letters, Feb. 24

AFP’s warm, fuzzy February

The Year of the Tiger was just a newborn cub on Feb. 12, but the Ashland Food Project volunteer green bag brigade was already springing into action and earning its stripes, hauling over 20,000 pounds of food to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank during our first pick-up event of 2022.

We are so grateful for the fierce dedication of our neighborhood coordinators, and the compassionate hearts of our donors, whose grocery and monetary contributions will ensure the shelves of our local food bank will be well stocked for those of our neighbors who are in need.

To learn how you can contribute to AFP’s community building mission and our bi-monthly food drive efforts, please check out our website at ashlandfoodproject.com

Ingrid Laursen, on behalf of the AFP Steering Committee


Hawaii is No. 1

I have just returned from Hawaii Island in the state of Hawaii, and have been reminded how differently Medford has responded to COVID as compared to Hawaii.

In a couple of trips to grocery stores, I’ve been shocked once more at the number of unmasked people. In Hawaii, I saw not a single person unmasked indoors. Not one!

Then two weeks or so ago, an article appeared in the West Hawaii Today newspaper about the rankings of all 50 states with regard to COVID statistics, with 1 the best and 50 the worst. Hawaii, at No. 1, is the safest state in the country. Compiled by WalletHub, the metrics used were transmission rate, testing rate, hospitalization rate, death rate and vaccination rate. The ratings of all 50 states took place during January of 2022.

I’m fiercely proud of my home state and wish that my adopted state of Oregon, as well as the rest of this country, could be as successful in beating back this terrible scourge.

Karen Foster