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Letters, March 1

Guest opinion erred

In the guest opinion Sunday by Jack Duggan there is one factual inaccuracy. He states that to qualify as a member of the Oregon Board of Forestry an individual must own and have harvested trees within the last five years.

In fact, there is no requirement to own forest lands or be actively involved in forestry to be a member of the Board of Forestry. Historically, some members come from industry or conservation backgrounds, and others just qualify as Oregon citizens who care about our forests. Typically, there has been an effort to have all geographic areas of the state represented on the board.

Jim Kelly

Chair, Oregon Board of Forestry

Thanks to school community

I can only imagine what it is like to be a teacher, support staff, administrator, parent or student in today’s ever-changing COVID-19 environment. Effective education is hard enough in the best of times, but now:

Teachers have had to adjust to distance learning, lower attendance, increased exposure to COVID infection and parental concerns. Support staff have had to take on more responsibilities. Administrators and school boards do their best to follow changing COVID protection guidelines. Parents, concerned about their children’s safety, have too often had to add teaching roles at home amid changing COVID expectations. Students have missed important social relationships with friends and teachers, as well as the important structure in-class learning provides. Many have had a hard time adjusting to laptop technology.

You are all part of our educational community doing the very best you can.

You are appreciated! Thank you!

Eric Dittmer