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Letters, March 2

Pre-K is OK

You recently published two opinions about Tennessee’s prekindergarten program.

Advocates for universal pre-K are disappointed in results showing that sixth-graders who had participated in the state’s pre-K program performed less well than children who had not enrolled in pre-K. However, unlike Mona Charen (“Pre-K’s broken promise,” Feb. 13) and Tracy Miller (“What does the evidence say about universal pre-kindergarten?” Feb. 24), I realize that ,while important, the Tennessee study is just a single study. It’s not the only evidence about pre-K’s long-term effectiveness, nor does it represent the hundreds of studies of preschool, Head Start and similar programs over the past 50 years.

The preponderance of evidence from studies that follow children who’ve attended preschool into adulthood is that, even when the benefits of pre-K are not seen in elementary or middle school, benefits can appear later as higher rates of graduating high school, improved chances of employment, reductions in crime and higher earnings.

The issue should not be whether to fund pre-K programs but how to make programs better — with better training for preschool teachers, pay commensurate with the hard work they do, and the best program quality possible. Failure to do these things is the real broken promise.

John M. Love


A valuable asset

Thank you for printing the story about Geneva Craig on Friday, Feb. 25, reminding us what a valuable asset she is to our community.

In 2014, when I was at Asante RRMC with multiple fractures, she sat beside my bed and gave me a pep talk I have not forgotten.

LJ Zinkand


Cal Thomas

Like numerous journalists you have added since dropping the Washington Post syndicate, I never read Cal Thomas. He is too far-right extreme for my taste.

I made an exception Monday. Never again.

I agreed with most of his article until he got to declaring Biden weak for promoting dialogue for peace. “... the only thing these and other dictators understand is power, resolve and resistance”.

Does he realize he’s talking about warfare? Promoting World War III? Nuclear war? What else does he mean when conflict continues and all attempts to thwart it otherwise have been abandoned?

Biden is not responsible for this war.

Why oh why is there a loud faction of the GOP who praise Putin over the people of Ukraine? They cannot be for democracy or our Constitution or understand a shred of history to do so. And Trump, a Putin-loving autocrat in the making, is their number one choice to run in 2024.

God help us.

G. Elder