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Letters, March 8

Support Freshwater Trust

The mission of the important regional nongovernmental organization The Freshwater Trust, to protect and restore freshwater ecosystems, comes into clear focus on a walk along Bear Creek in Ashland’s Riverwalk Park and the Ashland Ponds, where today 7,000 native trees and shrubs are being planted to replace non-native invasive species including blackberry and ivy, which had overgrown the creek banks.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

The earth’s freshwater ecosystems have suffered great but not irreversible degradation in the brief geologic moment of human development — less than a millionth of the time the Earth has been evolving its watersheds — and projects like this have the ability to restore natural balance thanks to the dedication of individuals behind organizations like The Freshwater Trust.

The Freshwater Trust lives at the intersection of science, technology, democracy, and most importantly, hope. I am delighted and reassured to have witnessed the progress they are achieving locally. My hat’s off to The Freshwater Trust and the municipalities that have engaged them.

Charles Netzow


Gasoline prices: A solution

From what I see and hear in the news Oregon is awash in cash this year. Why not take some of that excess cash and apply it to the 38 cents Oregonians pay in gasoline taxes?

Even if it required an emergency session of the Legislature I truly believe this would qualify. When you consider the number of Oregonians struggling to pay rent and mortgage payments let alone the increased cost of groceries, this could be a real blessing. It will be interesting to hear all the reasons why it can’t be done.

Chuck Gates