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Online letters

The big lie

If I shouted “Fire” in a crowded movie theater — claiming I smelled smoke — but no one else smelled smoke or saw any fire — even after a year — would you still believe there was a fire? Of course not. The same must apply to election lies.

Our elections are held in over 3,000 locations in America, and not even in one of those places was any organized fraud found.

There was no smoke. There was no fire. There was no fraud. There was only someone unhappy with the movie who wanted to empty the theater, and he didn’t care if people got trampled.

Election lies should be prosecuted as treason. They are the worst lies you can tell in America, and no real patriot would ever utter such vile attacks on our nation — especially a former president.

If you can prove fraud, you should receive a big reward. If you can’t prove fraud and refuse to retract the lie, you should receive a big prison sentence. Treasonous lies must not be allowed as “free speech.” The damage to our nation is immeasurable and absolutely unacceptable.

Darryl Edington


Biden should resign

Well, It’s been a year of total screwups by this administration and I believe it’s time to call for a resignation of the whole Biden branded package. It’s clear we cannot afford these people for three more years.

I shudder each day when the news comes on and starts reporting on a Biden story. Please give us some relief!

E.C. Hunt



Big Tech loves technology. What could be better than high-tech vaccine passports?

Do you think Big Tech will settle for disappointment?

Ira Edwards


Never forget

The best estimate recently regarding the lethality of COVID-19 is that it has caused the deaths of 6 million humans worldwide.

If that number subtracted from the entire world’s population impresses you, recall that Hitler caused the murder of approximately that same number of European and Russian Jews. Jews represent only about 0.2% of the world’s population and have been awarded about 20% of all Nobel Prizes. Imagine how much richer our lives might be today had those 6 million innocents been spared?

Never forget! And, never again! I say this as a Catholic.

John Frank