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Letters, March 16

Gas prices

Thanks for your editorial cartoon of March 8 depicting the Ukrainians’ concern for Americans and the price of gas. A good tongue-in-cheek counterbalance to your front-page story regarding high prices at the pump.

Of course many people need cars to get to work. However, Americans can plan their driving more carefully — dovetailing errands,etc.. And — do people really need to fly all over the place in those fuel consuming planes? Of course — we are Americans. We are used to the lifestyle! But just think, folks — you will be saving money and benefiting the environment at the same time. So how about a bit of sacrifice — in solidarity with the Ukrainians?

Linda Barnett


Guest opinion was off-base

I’m a forester, forestry instructor and former wildland firefighter. I disagree with all of the opinions George Wuerthner expresses in his March 6 op-ed, “Looking in the rear-view mirror on forests,” except that we ought to work to “ ‘harden’ homes and communities and reduce ignitions on private land.”

Wuerthner suggests that we “set aside all public forests as carbon reserves.” The Rogue-River Siskiyou National Forest and the Umpqua National Forest would be carbon reserves until they burn. Rather than walking away from our public forests, they ought to be carefully managed to increase their health and resilience to drought, warmer temperatures, and changes in precipitation patterns.

Healthy forests where fires are less likely to burn large areas at high intensities will also be carbon reserves and will continue to provide the many other benefits that forests offer.

Steve Wilent