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Letters, March 21

Phone hackers

My computer was recently hacked. The hackers took the list of people whom I correspond with and told them I needed to get a gift card for a present for my niece.

A friend who wanted to help me agreed to it. She lost $400.

I am hopefully alerting people to this kind of email fraud. I have known two other people in this area who have also had their email hacked.

Sandra Sanders


Bentz voted against veterans

Recently, the House passed the “burn pits” bill by a wide margin with 37 Republican members joining all the Democrats in voting for the bill, which now goes to the Senate. Unconscionably, our congressman, Rep. Cliff Bentz, R-Oregon, voted no on this bill.

According to an ABC News report: “(The bill) would dramatically boost health care services and disability benefits for veterans exposed to toxic burn pits in Iraq and Afghanistan ... (and) has the backing of the nation’s major veterans groups and underscores the continued cost of war years after the fighting has stopped.”

Bentz reportedly said he voted no because the program would be too costly. But Bentz doesn’t mind voting for the Pentagon’s bloated budget for its vast military machine. That’s telling vets that he doesn’t care about their health issues when their fighting days are behind them.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War where I was exposed to Agent Orange, I stand with Rep. Mark Takano, the chair of the House Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, who said:

“This bill addresses the true cost of war and opposing it would be a vote against our service members and veterans.”

Cliff Bentz does not support veterans.

Allen Hallmark


Suspicious fires

In the past two weeks, there have been four or five fires under various bridges/overpasses within Medford city limits. What would be helpful to nip this in the bud is some information from the Medford Fire Department as to cause and origin.

An investigation is done on every incident and should be public information. Also, why is there no discernable concern from the mayor and council members? We need to know if there is an arsonist out there or that these are just more bum-caused fires. Medford does not need what recently happened in Grants Pass to be happening here!

Ted Krempa