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Letters, March 22

A simple legislative proposal

Just don’t complicate it!

Just about everyone has expired or excess over-the-counter or prescription medication they no longer use or want. Such unintentional collections pose a risk and cost to Oregon lands and people.

Hundreds of children and adults are treated daily in Oregon for accidentally ingesting incorrect medications. This is largely preventable through proper disposal of medications that are outdated or no longer wanted. But flushing or disposal in trash collections adversely affects lands, animals and people using Oregon rivers, waterways and public water supplies.

I believe the problem could be eliminated or vastly reduced through convenient public access to proper drug disposal locations.

Question: Why can’t every Oregon location that dispenses prescription drugs also be a location to collect and ensure proper disposal of unwanted drugs? Free drop-off to Protect Oregon Lands and People program. Much like the Oregon bottle program but without a redemption value.

Duane Bowman


Talent within Talent

Is there enough “talent”within Talent Urban Renewal’s dichotomy of singular notions that would make the Talent Urban Renewal District successful? Having lived within the Medford Urban Renewal District for 33 years I must warn those who hear half-truths and empty promises (no rose gardens here) by elected and selected officials providing lip services to the citizens, all the while enriching million/billion dollar corporations, a downtown cadre of property owners and those who regularly feed at the trough full of the taxpayers’ money to beware of the sharks. To those on either side or middle of the issue, do your homework and take a hard objective look (beyond the spin) at the successes and failures of urban renewal districts (as both have occured) locally and elsewhere so as to make sound decisions.

Having previously lived and loved in Talent within two separate decades you all have a piece of my heart. RIP Chuck and Tig.

Bob Shand