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Letters, March 27

Wallan’s vote was correct

I read with interest your article that appeared a couple of weeks ago suggesting that State Rep. Kim WalIan, R-Medford, was hypocritical in taking credit for delivering funding for the new aquatic center but yet voting against the omnibus spending bill that was the source of the funding.

I was pleased that your article, at the end, also pointed out that Wallan explained that she ultimately voted against the omnibus bill because it failed to include, among other things, significant funding for the Oregon Judicial Department — a glaring omission in my judgment. As a sitting judge, I understand Wallan’s decision to vote against the bill. I also applaud her continued support for the courts of Oregon!

Timothy C. Gerking


Senate race

Candidates for state and national office in fall elections are chosen during primary elections. But those candidates are excluded from the primary ballots of Oregon’s 950,000 nonaffiliated registered voters. All nonaffiliated voters should go to the Post Office, DMV, or library and re-register with a party to get a complete primary election ballot. Don’t surrender your right to choose (and criticize) how you are governed. Choose the primaries’ best candidates in the spring for election in the fall.

Also — with only 47% turnout in the primaries, fall election candidates are selected by only 30% of voters, or 20% of the population. Register with a party to get full primary ballots. Then vote.

Because I own residential property in Ashland, I support Senat candidate Brent Thompson’s policies for ecology- and community-driven control of growth in Oregon. Do the future a favor. Explore Thompson’s thoughtful ideas on his website, alternativestogrowth.com.

Lance Mason


Welcome to residents

Phoenix Food Project welcomes residents back to Creekside Estates! We’re so glad they are rejoining our project, helping with this so easy way to give back to our community.

The Almeda Fire was so devastating — welcome all who have been able to get back home. Phoenix Food Pantry is there for you Saturday mornings from 9 to noon in First Presbyterian Church of Phoenix, Second and Church streets. All are welcome. Free clothing available upstairs, too.

Phoenix Food Project is part of the nationwide Neighborhood Food Project. We collect and deliver donor bags of goods on the second Saturdays of the even months of the year. April 9 will begin Phoenix’s 12th year of helping others, one green bag at a time! If you want to participate as a donor or neighborhood coordinator, please join up at phoenixfoodproject.org. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get involved in our community.

Karen Jones, Phoenix Food Project district coordinator