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Letters, March 31

Indian Road

In 1993, the word “Memorial” was added to “Dead Indian Road” in Jackson County. This was the answer to countless complaints about the extremely disturbing road name.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

The word “Dead” is what was offensive. Why wasn’t the road’s name simply shortened to “Indian Road,” a beautiful name? Or more accurately, the local Latgawa and Takelma tribes could have been honored.

Adding more superfluous syllables to the horrible sign has done nothing to prove Jackson County officials have tact. It is racist. How would the equally offensive “Dead African Memorial Road” or “Dead Jew Memorial Road” grab a diverse community? I encourage the concerned people of both Jackson and Klamath counties to do something about one of the most racist emblems in the United States of America today. Thank you for caring.

Michael Louis Mollo


Not just a Russian problem

Thank you for your article “Teacher helps ferry Ukrainians to safety.”

Former Ashland resident Peter Stanley’s last statement is worth repeating: “This isn’t just a Russian problem. Many countries, including the United States, have become dangerously divided. Hopefully this brings us all a bit closer as we try to support Ukrainians — and Russians who oppose this war. Hug your kids and support your neighbors on the street and across the border.”

Chuck Root