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Letters, April 3

Liberty Park housing

I find it heartening that someone wishes to build more low-income housing for residents of the valley, especially in the aftermath of the Almeda fire. 1) I do wonder about why it must be built in Liberty Park. Is the aim to concentrate all the low-income housing in one district? Because that is the opposite of the concept of “urban renewal”, really. 2) Do the math: $48 million for 115 units averages out to more than $417,000 each. Is that the best we can do? Because if it is, we will never compensate for the losses sustained in the Almeda fire!

Reade King


RVS plays Ukrainian anthem

At the recent Rogue Valley Symphony, the conductor, Martin Majkut, began the program with the Ukrainian National Anthem. Without hesitation, the entire audience rose to their feet and listened with respect to this beautiful and moving piece. When Martin turned to face the audience as the piece ended, he looked surprised but pleased to see everyone standing. He needn’t have been surprised.

Jerry Kenefick