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Letters, April 10

True compassion in a photo

Friday’s front page picture: True kindness and compassion. Thanks, Trib (and Jamie Lusch for the pic) for highlighting Luke and Lamont in such a wonderful photo.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

To the folks making this happen: It’s a pretty easy jump to picture a similar scene about 2,000 years ago. Kindness personified.

Rick Parsagian


Notes of hope

I seek hopeful signs that community cooperation dominates examples of division. The Ashland Middle School band concert nicely met that need Wednesday.

Jenifer Carstensen teaches 12- to 14-year-olds the whole range of band instruments and performance protocols. A bevy of sixth-graders who could not play a note on Sept. 1 joined older classmates, two members of the Rogue Valley Symphony and several AMS band alums now members of the Ashland High band for the lively performance.

Carstensen recruits seasoned musicians like Cindy Hutton, Bruce Dresser, Mark Jacobs and Reed Bentley as coaches. Ashland Schools Foundation funds these professionals. The symphony provides scholarships for eight young people to have private instruction from a member of the orchestra. Southern Oregon University band director Christi Lundahl visits the band room regularly as part of her desire to reach all levels of musicians in our valley.

The bleachers were crowded with friends and family of the performers who make time and space every day for the musicians to practice. And behind it all are taxpayers like you and me who are getting more than our money’s worth.

Worldwide this scene is duplicated: another generation learning the graces of cooperation and harmony.

Sam Alvord