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Letters, April 12

A green port project

I was happy to read the MT’s April 3 editorial about a proposed shipping container port at Coos Bay.

Webletters Graphic.jpg

Even more exciting is that the preliminary plans appear to take global warming seriously. There is an existing rail line. This rail line will greatly reduce the number of gas-powered semis invading lovely Coos Bay. Using electric power to run cargo handling equipment. And if this electric power is generated either by using solar or water to produce that electricity, another plus in the “green” column.

The jobs that will be created will be ones that the community of Coos Bay can be proud of.

Or as the MT said, “and do it all in an environmentally responsible way.”

Robin Brown


Continue lunch programs

I am writing in response to and support of Sharon Dohrmann’s letter of April 6. She writes about Congress ending the school lunch program funding.

We spend billions of dollars to maintain a strong military, to aid other countries in need and infrastructure projects. I understand we need to spend money for many things but at the expense of leaving our children go hungry! That is just not right. What is Congress thinking?

We have billionaires that can afford to vacation in space and corporations with huge bottom lines. They pay little or no taxes enabled by tax laws our Congress has allowed. In the meantime Congress is going to end a program that may give many children the only meal they will have in a day and a lot of our children will go to bed hungry.

This is a sad statement for our country. Come on Congress, do the right thing. Provide funds as a top priority to support all programs needed to ensure all of the children in our country do not go hungry.

Michelle Adams