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Letters, April 25

Politically homeless

I didn’t vote for Biden or Trump. As a result, I’ve been demonized and disowned by numerous friends on the left end of the political spectrum. So many blatantly incorrect assumptions have been made about my character that my head is spinning.

It’s peculiar to me that the members of the left who reject anyone who doesn’t embrace their political ideology, cannot see how they resemble fundamentalist religions on the far right.

Though I have a long history of mental illness and serious physical illness, I somehow am not considered worthy of the kind of treatment and positive regard that BLM members are afforded by their supporters. I feel perplexed, angry and grief-stricken by the friendships I’ve lost because I have some understanding of both sides of the picture.

Those of us who rest in the center are the politically homeless.

Wendy Bloom


OSF rules are clear

I was dismayed by Kaye D. Proctor’s letter of April 21, “OSF turned us away.”

It is clearly stated on OSF’s website what documentation is needed in order to be admitted to the theater. If she had ordered her tickets through an account she also received at least one notification prior to the performance reminding patrons of what was expected.

She noted that “volunteers” wouldn’t allow her and her companion in. Did she ask to speak to paid staff? My understanding is that tickets can be exchanged if vaccination proof cannot be provided.

Actors Equity and other unions have protocols in place that OSF must abide by; her experience in a concert venue cannot be used in comparison.

Regarding OSF being out of touch, I fear that the writer may just be behind the times. The 2022 season offers an exciting array of stories that have the potential to touch our hearts and minds. I’m sorry she had decided to miss that experience.

I feel she bears some responsibility for showing up unprepared. And that this paper has a responsibility to publish letters that are substantive, not incendiary.

Nina Winans