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Letters, April 26

Hemp salad?

It’s difficult to ignore the red flag warnings about the approaching food shortage. And here we are selling off our land that once had orchards and farmland with an abundant array of fresh produce.

I am wondering if the tax advantage is worth losing these properties. We will find ourselves lacking the wonderful produce that comes from our local farms.

What have we done ?

J.R. Hunts


Tina Kotek for governor

Vote for Tina Kotek for governor in the upcoming Democratic primary. As the speaker of the House, Tina has proven her leadership.

Before serving in the Oregon House, Tina advocated for Oregonians by working at the Oregon Food Bank. While serving in the House, she sponsored Oregon’s most substantial piece of climate legislation, House Bill 2021, the Clean Energy for All Act. In addition, Tina has championed legislation supporting funding for schools, paid family medical leave and housing security.

More importantly, do not vote for Betsy Johnson in November. Phil Knight and other corporate donors have poured millions into Johnson’s campaign because if Betsy proved anything in her 20 years in the state Legislature, it is that she is willing to sell out. Betsy has consistently voted against climate legislation and renters protections. Vote Tina, a candidate supported by people, not millionaires.

Dylan Hinson


Vote Gomez and Sparacino

I want to share my opinion on the upcoming primary election; soon, you will receive your ballot.

I feel that Jessica Gomez for governor would be the best choice for the Republicans. We need a governor that can fix Oregon. She qualifies on all counts; I urge you to look at her website for solutions to the many challenges we face as a state.

State Senate District 3 is lucky to have Randy Sparacino running! I urge Republicans to support him. His many years serving in the police department, chief of police, and current Mayor of Medford will help Oregon.

To the Democrats, Independents and nonaffiliated voters, we need to stop the total control of one party and elect a leader to Oregon that can manage the state and its directors of the agencies. Oregon will only succeed when both parties work together! Please make sure you vote!

Alan DeBoer, former Ashland mayor and Oregon state senator 541-944-1600