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Letters, April 28

Senate filibuster

Sunday’s yes and no columns on the Senate filibuster missed one important factor — the Build Back Better bill was not the subject of a filibuster and as a budget reconciliation measure is filibuster-proof. It’s not been adopted because the president couldn’t get 50 votes in the Senate for it. A scaled-down version could still be passed.

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The also wide-ranging election law bill was filibustered by Republicans, but it was never clear there were enough votes in the Senate for enactment.

David Runkel


BLM targets old growth

I‘ve had it with the Medford Bureau of Land Management’s so-called “Integrated Vegetation Management” program.

The BLM claims that it’s an “all lands approach” to reducing forest fuels. It’s not. The only place where commercial timber sales will be located through the program is in late-successional (old-growth) reserves.

The BLM claims the program doesn’t involve clearcutting. It does. The logging prescriptions call for lots of 2-acre “gaps” which consist of clearcuts larger than a football field in the old-growth reserves.

Instead of cutting corners and logging old-growth forests, BLM timber planners should work with their neighbors and communities to thin the existing second-growth timber plantations that the agency has already created across Southern Oregon.

George Sexton


A proposed rule

Perhaps we can propose a simple unenforceable ruling that if one is a male as I am we should not be allowed to impose any law prohibiting a woman from being able to decide what she should do with regard to abortion.

Men will never have to deal with the difficult emotional decisions involved let alone the physically invasive procedure. We need to stay in our lane.

Rob Joseph