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Letters, May 1

Sparacino for state Senate

I have lived in Medford since 1955. A key political election this year is the race for state Senate.

I am supporting Randy Sparacino for one reason. I am a supporter of law enforcement and fully funding the police. Because Randy Sparacino is a former Medford police chief, he will represent the interests of those who support law enforcement in Salem better than any other candidate.

If you are concerned about funding of law enforcement in the state of Oregon, you need to support Randy Sparacino for state Senate.

Craig D. Horton


Trust comes out on Earth Day

Numerous tables were set up near the Thalden Pavillion on SOU’s Farm Area. Earth Day action returned on April 22. Organizations displayed their tools for dealing with climate change and environmental protection.

Organizers came up with a strategy to get folks to visit as many sites as possible. A participant could collect a token at a table if the learning task was completed: five tokens merited a free plant.

My volunteer job at the Citizens Climate Lobby stand was to encourage folks to call or write a note on a postcard to their elected officials in Washington, D.C. Information was on hand, and off we went to have many messages sent to Washington, D.C. Sens. Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley and Rep. Cliff Bentz were encouraged to pass laws to deal with the crises.

The very little kids and their parents, in trust, wrote cards, totally sure they would be read and heeded. Several of them signed them with “love.” “Please help us save our Earth,” was written many times.

My hope is that those little kids are correct, that they can trust their leaders to help.

Barb Settles


Leonard Pitts

This letter is in support of Dave Garcia whose letter appeared in the opinion pages April 27. In it he calls into question Leonard Pitts’ use of the words “fertilized egg,” as opposed to embryo or fetus.

I would go a couple of steps further because Leonard Pitts never gives up. He is the embodiment of the far left.

1. When you stop a beating heart what do you have? And forget the euphemisms. What is the opposite of “pro life?”

2. Superlatives, hyperbole, pejoratives, assertions without context, calumny; if these where removed from Leonard Pitts column what would you have left — not much more than a couple of paragraphs.

Definition of a liberal? Never having to say “I was mistaken.”

William Carpenter