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Letters, May 5

Code confusion is profitable

As the Applegate Valley becomes a more popular destination, land-use laws have become a popular topic of discussion.

I keep hearing the same story from property owners: In trying to get clarity about what they can and can’t do on their properties, they are paying thousands of dollars to consultants, real estate attorneys and on paid meetings with county planners. Whether it’s trying to license an Airbnb, host a farmer’s market, or erect a yurt, many emerge from the process more confused than they started out. And poorer for it.

It’s painful to see so much creative energy in the Applegate depleted by confusing and out-of-date code. Being geographically spread between Jackson and Josephine counties doesn’t help; we have two different codes to contend with. It’s almost like the Applegate is a State of Jefferson within the State of Jefferson: We pay taxes to our respective counties, but get little site-specific support in return.

Meanwhile, there is a lot of money being made off of our collective confusion.

Christina Ammon


Indivisible wanted more?

I don’t know what planet Indivisible ORD2 has been on for the last 1½ years, but there has been an incessant, media saturation bombardment — to get jabbed. You couldn’t listen to the radio or watch TV for five minutes without the “get injected” message coming in loud and clear.

The government spent over $1 billion getting that message out. That’s more than $3.50 for everyone over the age of 18 who could exercise the medical, ethical principle of informed consent to accept or decline the injection. They wanted more?

I’m not sure about Indivisible folks, but I don’t pay attention to celebrity endorsements, or ones by current or past presidents or county commissioners of any drug, let alone experimental injections. Show me the data, all the data, and for sure, don’t conceal anything, and let people decide.

Worth noting were the efforts of the commissioners to dig deeper into the data, the basis of health policy. What is true and not true remains to be seen.

The only defense Jackson County residents have to protect us from economically and socially destructive, arbitrary, unscientific, authoritarian public health policies are the commissioners. Thank you commissioners, that’s leadership we need. Do more!

Michael Framson