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Letters, May 6

Supporting Brent Thompson

I write in support of Brent Thompson, Senate candidate.

I have known Brent since 1986 as my employer and as a long-term friend. He is the epitome of an upstanding citizen. He has served on the Ashland City Council and is passionate about issues that are important to Oregonians.

Brent has a vast understanding of sensible planning and community development. Most of all, Brent stands for fairness and being sensible. He is a man of integrity, true to his word, and really listens to his constituents.

When Brent says he stands for something it is because he believes in his heart about the issue and not because it will look good politically. In other words, he is passionate about fairness and will fight for what’s right for Oregonians even if it isn’t politically correct. Please support a candidate for change. Send Democrat Brent Thompson to the U.S. Senate.

Ed Reed


Vote for Al Densmore

Jackson County voters have an opportunity to add a nonpartisan problem solver to our bounty Board of Commissioners. Al Densmore is a seasoned, innovative, experienced, action-oriented person who has exciting ideas for collaboratively addressing Jackson County’s present and future problems.

Space does not permit the inclusion of sufficient detail about Al’s proposals. Please visit his website, http://weloveal.com to explore his ideas. Al has proven he can work across partisan divides to solve problems.

Please vote for Al Densmore for county commissioner, position 3. Al is running as an Independent and would welcome your support. To do so write in his name on either your Republican or Democratic ballot for the May 17 primary.

Bruce and Chrystine Van Zee