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Letters, May 8

Ashland Something Commission

The “Ashland Public Arts Commission” needs a different name. The definition of “art” is way too subjective.

If the city wants to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars erecting structures in public places, that’s fine as long as they stop presuming to call it “art.” And spare me the crap about “art is supposed to create controversy”. We have enough controversy in our society, we don’t need that salt in the wound of these profligate public expenditures.

How about “Ashland Public Boondoggle Commission”? Or ,more simply, “Ashland Public Waste Commission”?

Dan Fellman


Write in Densmore

Democrats will note that there is a write-in space on their ballot for Jackson County commissioner, Position 3. Republicans also have the opportunity to write in a name for that position. We recommend a great candidate for this important post and encourage you to write in the name of Al Densmore.

His name, as an Independent Party candidate, will appear on the fall election ballot, but due to our state system, he is not on the primary ballot.

Al served successfully as Medford mayor and as an Oregon state representative.p He was instrumental in the development of the Bear Creek Greenway and has served on many state and local commissions. He is eager to solve problems in a nonartisan way.

You can read more about his past accomplishments on his website, weloveal.com. We would be lucky to have Al working for Jackson County seeking common-sense solutions.

Bert and Judy Bamforth


Harrop column misguided

Froma Harrop’s blaming Bernie Sanders for the loss of abortion rights is misguided.

In my lifetime the attack on abortion rights began publicly with

the bombing of abortion clinics in Austin, Texas, in the 1990s. In the last 40 years there have been 42 bombings and over 100 arson attacks on abortion clinics, i.e. acts of terrorism.

The documentary “Boys’ State” shows how even honored institutions can make 17-year-old boys think they have the right to make law about women’s reproductive rights. (Not once did their debates consider the mother’s situation.)

The anti-abortion movement is far more deeply challenging than one election and one office. All women everywhere now must challenge the men who already dominate their lives. I recommend they not be confrontational, but simply and quietly vote anti-Republican for every elected position possible. That message will be heard.

Myrl Bishop