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Letters, May 18

Clarence Thomas

Thank you so much to you and Leonard Pitts for the open letter to the not-so-Honorable Clarence Thomas.

Leonard Pitts asks important questions that we all should be asking. I still wonder how it’s possible that a Supreme Court justice is not required to recuse himself from all cases related to a conspiracy to overturn our election when his own wife schemed with the Trump White House to keep Trump in office and even joined the Jan. 6 mob! Unbelievable!

Lynn Ransford


Stop exploiting wild animals

I am a rising senior in college. I wish to pursue a career in human rights where I defend, protect and ensure the dignity of human beings on a global stage once I graduate.

However, when quarantine began, I, like many others, watched the “Tiger King” saga on Netflix. People were bickering about whether Joe Exotic should be pardoned (he should not be, regardless of whether the murder-for-hire plot was staged, he is wasting away for other crimes) and whether Carole Baskin murdered her husband, Don (she absolutely did). I, on the other hand, was more focused on both Baskin’s and Exotic’s abuse of the creatures they claim to love and the fact that there are more tigers in captivity than in the wild. It is also sick that people focused on two despicable people rather than the cruelty they inflict. Thus came my introduction into basic animal rights activism.

I implore anybody reading this to not attend the upcoming circuses. What Exotic and Baskin participate in is disgusting and anything that exploits animals like the tiger such as circuses needs to be stopped. We start by sending the message that they are not welcome here.

Isabella Met