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Letters, May 19

Is Roxy Ann being protected?

Roxy Ann Buttte is defined as being an important scenic resource in the Jackson County Comprehensive Plan. As such it is protected so that the beauty and natural features are preserved for future generations.

A casual glance towards the butte from just about any point in the valley will show a huge swath of the ridge line being impacted by material being pushed over the edge of said ridge. In the process of pushing excavated soil and what appears to imported materials containing concrete, trees that used to be on the ridge line are now being buried and the uncompacted fill is spilling down the hillside. Condition J of the conditions of approval for the operating rock pit require the scenic resources are to be protected under ASC 90-9, and requirements under Goal 5 of the comprehensive plan: “Open Spaces, scenic and historic areas, and natural resources: to protect natural resources and conserve scenic and historic areas and open spaces.”

Are these goals being met?

Gregg Adams


Public defense system at risk

If we do not have an adequately resourced criminal justice system, both on the prosecution and defense sides of the bar, the entire system risks collapse.

Currently, due to budgetary shortfalls and leadership mismanagement in Salem, Oregon’s public criminal defense system is at risk of collapsing. At its extreme, this could result in the dismissal of criminal cases in Southern Oregon. It’s baffling that Oregon’s state government has allowed a crisis to develop in the provision of public defense for those who cannot afford legal representation.

I was very pleased to see that one candidate for governor, Jessica Gomez, was willing to call out the state on this important matter, and express understanding for the vital role Public Defenders play in our system of justice. Like Gomez, I urge Gov. Kate Brown to make this a priority — soon.

Matthew Rowan