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Letters, May 24

Buffalo shooting

In his Wednesday column about the shooting in Buffalo, Larry Mendte makes a case for not politicizing it by blaming one side or the other. It sounds like what we heard after Charlottesville, that we have “very fine people on both sides.”

What Mendte fails to mention is that sickos like the shooter have easy access to the weapons of mass murder because of Republican opposition to even the most basic public safety measures, such as universal background checks. He also conveniently ignores the fact that some Republicans are promoting the racist conspiracy theory that radicalized the shooter.

If we had the political will, there is much we could do to keep guns out of the hands of murderers. As for the racism that fueled the madness, we’d all be better off if white nationalists would take their Great Replacement Theory and slither back under their rock.

Unfortunately, the mass murder in Buffalo was only one of many so far this year. It brings to mind an old headline from The Onion that remains all too current:

“ ‘No Way to Prevent This,’ Says Only Nation Where This Regularly Happens”

Michael Steely


Disappointment at OSF

My family was so excited to have the Oregon Shakespeare Festival back after the pandemic. We drove five hours up to Ashland on May 18 to see “Once on This Island.”

We went to the Thursday matinee only to discover that it had been canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances not related to COVID.” No worries. Our tickets could be exchanged for the Friday night performance.

Friday night and we arrived at the theater only to find out that it had been canceled again! Pressing to find out why, we were told it may have come down to one actor! What? No understudy? We wouldn’t have minded if someone came out with a script to replace them. We wouldn’t have minded if they did a pre show introduction with some cast members singing one or two numbers from the show. But nothing?

To add insult to injury, they will not return our money! We could donate it or get a voucher. When considering the price of gas, lodging, and food ,this is not an option for my family who lives five hours away. So now in 2022, buyer beware if you are going to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival!

Gary Eisenberg

Vacaville, California