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Letters, June 22

Hatchery chinook

Last Friday’s River Outlook in the Oregon Outdoors section noted that so far this spring, 1,637 chinook salmon have returned to the hatchery at Cole Rivers, and that number is “ the worst in more than a decade.”

Webletters Graphic.jpg

The conclusion of a series of recent articles researching this issue says, “The hatcheries were supposed to stop the decline of salmon. They haven’t. The numbers of each of the six salmon species native to the Columbia basin have dropped to a fraction of what they once were, and 13 distinct populations are now considered threatened or endangered. Nearly 250 million young salmon, most of them from hatcheries, head to the ocean each year — roughly three times as many as before any dams were built. But the return rate today is less than one-fifth of what it was decades ago.”

We need to defund our broken hatchery system and return wild fish to our rivers — it would be much appreciated to see the Mail Tribune pay more attention to this issue.

Jim Pruett


A feeble comparison

Jay Ambrose makes a feeble comparison of Trump to Democrats about the Jan. 6 insurrection in his column June 15. From watching the congressional investigation we can see that it was Trump’s greed for power and fear of prosecution if he lost the presidency that drove his false claims and promotion of the “stop the steal” campaign and led to the insurrection.

He disregarded his family, friends, his attorney general, his campaign manager, his vice president and others who investigated and found no significant fraud. Instead Trump used these claims to milk millions of dollars for his personal and political allies not to investigate the nonexistent fraud. He should never be allowed to reenter political office again, not even as dog catcher, because he is corrupt if not criminal and should never be trusted!

Annie Drager