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Letters, June 23

Chad McComas

I am saddened and heartsick about the recent controversy surrounding Chad McComas, pastor of Set Free Church and director of Rogue Retreat.

I first met Chad in 2016 when we collaborated on a project for Rogue Retreat. Immediately I was impressed by his endless enthusiasm for helping the homeless citizens of our beautiful valley. His energy and passion were boundless.

In the years since then I have witnessed the same. Chad has worked tirelessly to build a wide net for those who need a hand up. Never have I heard him speak negatively of anyone — only positive ideas for helping as many people as possible.

Currently, at Chad’s direction, Rogue Retreat gives shelter to approximately 500 otherwise homeless people every night. Just imagine the positive ripple effect that has on our community. What other local organization can claim this measure of success?

It is unfortunate that there are some people who are focused on tearing down and attacking rather than opening up a dialogue and seeking solutions. Chad does not deserve such treatment, nor does Rogue Retreat and& the hundreds of people they serve.

Amy Robertson


EVs will shock big oil

The Heritage Foundation’s opinion on June 16, “We don’t need a mandated detour to electric cars,” is correct but ridiculous. The demand for electric vehicles (EVs) is so great that manufacturers can’t keep up so obviously a mandate isn’t needed.

The Heritage Foundation, funded in part by the Koch oil billionaires, wants us to believe that high oil prices are a left-wing plot to push consumers to buy EVs. However, high oil prices are due to a lack of supply in part because of the war in Ukraine but primarily because the oil industry capped stripper wells during the pandemic as oil demand plummeted. Now as oil demand has increased and oil profits have tripled, oil companies have done little to increase the supply.

Increasing supply could hurt their profits, and they don’t what that. Nor do they want EVs to reduce demand for gas as car manufacturers ramp up production.

Electric cars are already the solution to gas at $5.00. Charging EVs can cost as little as the equivalent of $1.00 per gallon. Be afraid, big oil. A better economic solution can be disruptive even without mandates. This could be shocking.

Bob Harkness