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Letters, June 24

Britt policy confusing

We just received an email from Britt, outlining the zero-tolerance policy of bringing any open liquid onto the festival grounds. Patrons will be searched upon entering. They did offer a water station. How generous.

Are we being punished? Are the artists demanding this? No explanation for this intrusive search and seizure was outlined in the email.

For years, the popularity and uniqueness of the venue was in part due to the open alcohol/beverage policy. There was trust for patrons.

We know that there may have been reasons for violation of trust due to misbehavior of intoxicated patrons. This could conceivably pose security problems. But what’s next? Maybe dogs smelling for drugs?

What confounds us is that alcohol is permitted at orchestra performances. Why the exception here?

Or is the reason greed? Alcohol can be purchased at the venue without enforcing restriction. This brings in more dollars to the venue.

To change such a long-standing policy, Britt owed us a true explanation as to why and not risk betraying our trust.

As 35-year patrons, we may abide by it, but we will feel like one more rule and loss of trust has taken away our pleasure and enjoyment of Britt.

Paul and April Rosenthal


A helpful response

Just when American efficiency seemed elusive to me, Sen. Ron Wyden’s offices were prompt and sensitive in responding to my request for help with a government agency.

I followed the advice to fax my information to Wyden’s Portland office and received a helpful phone call from his staff the very next day. Three days later, his Washington, D.C., staff phoned me with lots of good advice, including how to re-write my request in a way that better reflected my urgency.

It’s such a relief to know that some of our elected officials respond to their constituents with such amazing concern and care.

Anne Batzer

White City