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Letters, June 29

Get a grip on gas prices

I understand it isn’t fashionable, when talking about gas prices, to mention the “C” word — conservation. Well, buck up.

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Full disclosure — I grew up in the 1940s in a 7-person, one-car family, so I’ve lived through gas-price roller-coasters, including gas rationing.

This isn’t a “do as I do” letter but rather an expression of confidence that more may be possible, given the numerous factors affecting gas prices, if we connect with family, friends, and co-workers to problem-solve our transportation challenges now. We are in this together and we can get through this together.

I still work and must drive to do so, but outside of that have made driving changes. Nobody I know is able to do and go as fully as they might wish just now. More is possible than complaining. Onward.

Pat Gordon


Britt Festival Orchestra

This summer in beautiful Southern Oregon we are blessed with world-class symphonic music under the stars at our own Britt in Jacksonville. Braving cold and rain, then record heat the first weekends, Teddy Abrams and professional musicians from all over the country have delighted the audiences with an appealing and refreshing mix of musical choices and superb soloists.

Friday’s concert featured a remarkable bass-baritone, Davone Tines, and Sunday’s concert. with a theme of peace, opened with the Ukrainian National Anthem. The music was life-affirming and glorious and it included new composers as well as famous pieces written in a time of war. A special treat was to have the entire superb brass section stand in front of the orchestra to perform Copland’s “Fanfare for the Common Man” while we in the audience watched the stars come out and enjoyed gentle breezes.

The evenings have been perfectly lovely, and the good news is that there are three more concerts coming up: June 28, July 1 and July 3 . Still time to get tickets and pack your picnic to go!

Bonnie Johnson