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Letters, June 30

Did court expand gun rights?

A recent MT front page headline regarding the Supreme Court’s striking down of a New York gun law is misleading through the use of one incorrect word.

A reading of the plain wording of the Second Amendment will show that it does not bestow any new right but declares that our government is prohibited from infringing upon the pre-existent right to keep and bear arms. The court ruled that New York had made itself the decider of who should be able to obtain a license to carry a concealed handgun in public, and that this was an infringement of a constitutionally protected right.

There was no “expansion” of gun rights, only a “restoration” of rights that were being denied in one state.

Oscar Zuniga



Every day we all make our choices. Some hop out of bed, some roll over; send Rover right over.

There is only you that begins the day with an attitude of gratitude or grumbles followed by rumbles in your tummy. Looking in the mirror and loathing and here we go again!

We set the tone, mood, or rhythm for the day. We are accountable for our actions, words, body language that can speak louder than we think!

The mass consciousness has a stance of arms crossed. Braced with an attitude of “make me”! That is a choice again. Braced for conflict and the “Bring it on” mentality. Your thoughts have and will bring it on.

Responsibility spelled backwards means the ability to respond. To fight or flight. How about choosing to be peaceful. Staying centered in the gift of serenity.

For our own good mental health it can be “Good Morning, God” or “Good God, Morning.” The decision is a responsibility and the consequences will follow one way or another”.

What are you going to choose today?

Patricia Grissom