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Letters, July 26

Leaving the state for abortion

I find it surreal that several states and Republicans in Congress are trying to make it illegal for women to leave their state for an abortion.

So now the state a woman resides in owns her body? How absurd is this?

If your state doesn’t allow gambling, you can go to one that does and gamble. If cannabis is illegal in your state, you can go to a state where it’s legal and smoke. Are they going to charge the woman or the doctor who did what was legal in their state? The whole idea is insane.

If you get pregnant the state owns your body? This from the party that wants government out of peoples lives? And now all but eight Republicans in the House voted against making sure woman have access to birth control. They also don’t want sex education in school.

Jay Ambrose says, “Yes, there are people who object to contraception and other factors making sex into something it shouldn’t be.” And there you have it, sex is only for procreating and if you’re doing it for some other reason, too bad for you. You become an incubator for the state. This is getting really scary.

S. Thomson


Are men good at parenting?

A recent article in the Mail Tribune asked “if this generation of men are better at parenting then when we were young.”

I have to answer yes.

Just returned from an airplane trip to South Dakota. On the plane, in the Denver airport and at the wedding I attended, I witnessed many young men attentively caring for young children from baby up through 10 years (?) of age. They were much more savvy about their children and much more involved with them than I remember happening back in the ’50s and ’60s! In those days, mothers did all the mothering.

Lyn Metheny

Central Point

Letter was spot on

Marcia Bolsinga was spot on with her July 12 letter to the editor titled “Morality and religion.”

A religion is not necessary to live a moral life.

Robert Nallia

Eagle Point