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Just wondering

What has happened to our foundation of separation between church and state? We seem to be returning to a country run by a religious philosophy — not unlike the Taliban regarding women’s rights.

Will women lose the right to vote? The Constitution was silent on that. See recent regressive decisions based on the Constitution’s silence.

Does the average blue-collar Joe realize that government under a Trumpian anti-tax, winner-take-all philosophy will remove their workplace protections under OSHA — and that they will have to pay more taxes as the richest continue to pay even lower taxes? Remember, the richest individuals and corporations manage to pay noO taxes even now. Most of us pay taxes to support schools, public safety, courts of law, safe roads, CDC, FEMA — the list is endless. We all benefit, corporations included.

What happened to the concept of a “well regulated militia” needing weapons — specifically weapons of defense? The unregulated, untrained individuals buying today’s weapons of war are wreaking havoc on our society and our freedom of movement or thought. Since the framers could not even conceive of AKs and ARs and rapid-fire magazines, how could they have intended them to be openly available to today’s untrained, unregulated masses?

Kathleen Heritage



A new golf company has emerged and hired some employees that used to play golf against and try to beat the best golfers in the world.

This new company has hired those golfers away from competitive golf at outrageous salaries. They basically are buying employees to show up once in a while to play golf and put on a show for a few folks who care to watch.

I can understand the lure. Money! Most of these employees realize they cannot compete against the best.

About 70% of them couldn’t make it to the top 100 and they might as well stop trying and join a company that will pay them regardless of their skills. Then there are also a few that used to be able to compete but no longer can.

There may also be two or three that may or may not be able to win again competing against the best players in the world. These few have given up competitive golf and signed a bonus to play for the new company knowing they no longer have to practice or compete, they just have to show up and put on a show. Kind of like a traveling circus.

Jim Moreau