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Letters, July 31

County GOP resolution

A big thank you for the article and editorial on Jackson County’s Republican Party rejecting Biden’s win.

Many years ago I proudly served as an intern in Washington, D.C., for Charles Percy, a Republican U.S. senator from Illinois (my home state). He was a man of principles who believed in democracy more than power.

After the Watergate break-in when President Nixon authorized a new attorney general to “make all decisions” relating to the break-in, Sen. Percy proposed a resolution that was passed by the Senate which called for an independent prosecutor “of the highest character and integrity” from outside the executive branch.

Where are the Republicans today with integrity? Locally, we can point to Alan DeBoer, who has called the Jackson County resolution rejecting Biden’s win “totally wrong.”

There has been nothing but silence about this resolution from our three Jackson County commissioners: Rick Dwyer, Colleen Roberts and Dave Dotterer.

We may not like the results of elections, but the hallmark of our democracy is to abide by the will of the people and have the peaceful transfer of power. I eagerly await our county commissioners to show the integrity to refute the “big lie.”

Adrienne Simmons


Enlist help on creek work

According to multiple news sources the Rogue Valley Council of Governments has garnered a grant of over $800,000 to repair/restore Bear Creek in the area of Jackson and Fourth streets in Medford for the purpose of improving habitat and spawning runs for fish. The caveat, $800,000-plus may not be enough.

Not so. If all of the entities with a stake in our local environment were “brought to bear” on Bear Creek, The $800,000-plus will be more than enough to get the job done.

I for one would gladly trade my fishing pole for a breaker bar and even don a Stuart kilt to toss some stones to create riffles. And though it’s been 45 years, I could still operate the city of Meford’s jackhammer. How say you?

Bob Shand