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Letters, Aug. 2


The Jackson County Republican Party is apparently as kooky as the GOP, all un-American. They’ll believe anything. Show us some facts and evidence!

Edward Istel


Find a solution

Current discussions regarding future prospects for the Oak Knoll Golf Course prompt me to recall a similar situation years ago involving the Mt Ashland Ski Area.

Then, as now, the problem was money. It seems clear that providing Oak Knoll with an adequate and dependable source of water requires finding a new source of revenue as well as a new source of water.

Tapping into the existing aquafer that could supply the necessary water would be a financial as well as a political challenge. For starters, “getting in line” to get access to this water source would take some doing. Additionally, drilling several wells would be costly.

However, as was shown with Mount Ashland, where there is a will there is a way. Public financing for these kinds of projects is available from various sources. Revenue bonds that are “self-liquidating” are frequently used. I would suggest that someone from the Ashland Parks Department take the initial step in selecting volunteers to create a task force to look at this situation and make appropriate recommendations. Simply doing nothing is not the answer!

Stewart McCollom, former Jackson County commissioner and president of the Mt. Ashland Ski Association


A very dangerous slope

“Local Republicans officially reject Biden win” — Republican or Democrat, this headline should raise eyebrows!

A local office, with what I believe to be a group of “sane” people, have actually rejected a duly elected president elected by popular vote and the Electoral College. Whether Republican or Democrat, I believe this is very dangerous territory.

The words of Timon (of “Lion King” fame) are ringing loudly: “And everyone’s OK with this? DID I MISS SOMETHING?”

Rick Parsagian