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Letters, Aug. 14

Wildfire risk map

The withdrawal of the wildfire map is not the end of another government power grab. A new map will not change much.

The rest of SB 762 legislation has not stopped. Eleven state agencies are still moving forward. A meeting in Salem on Aug. 16 will consider new building codes. A new 1,400-square-foot house will go up $8,200. Existing structures will need new siding and roofing if you modify the building.

The fire marshal is on track to adopt rules from the International Wildfire Code before Dec. 31, 2022. Changes include thinning trees to separate crowns by 10 feet and making sure you keep vegetation trimmed 100 feet from structures. They can require property clean-up. They will be inspecting your property repeatedly to make sure you comply. Fines for noncompliance are probable.

Nothing has been done to make sure your fire insurance won’t increase or be canceled. The power company is required to improve their facilities for fire safety. Your power bill will increase to pay the cost. Nothing in this new legislation would have prevented the Almeda fire. But this may drive you off your land. Write your legislators now to repeal SB 762.

Bob Hart

Rogue River

Thanks for pollinator support

Thank You, Rogue Valley, for your support of the first-ever The Rogue Valley Pollinator Anthology! This incredible project happened because of the amazing 65 contributors, 20 sponsors, donors, volunteers and community!

In just six months, we raised interest and funds to host four events during a two-month long Gallery Show at Catalyst Ashland and print 200 copies of an incredible art and education piece dedicated to pollinators in our valley. Our expectations have been exceeded, and we are delighted that 100% of proceeds from purchases of our 312-page Pollinator Anthology supports PPRV and future projects.

Thank you for making this educational literary arts project a success and being part of a legacy raising awareness and inspiring a movement of people passionate about connecting and restoring pollinators and their native habitat to our everyday world.

Visit Pollinator Project Rogue Valley to learn more and purchase your anthology!

Eden Orlando, Rebeca Ramm and Kristina Lefever

Anthology editors