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Letters, Aug. 18

Support freedom to teach

Parents take note. In the coming years, there’s a good chance your children’s educational welfare will be stymied by a shortage of teachers. That shortage is one of national scope. But that doesn’t mean that all schools will be equally affected. Those districts that have failed to embrace a freedom-to-teach ethic as part of their human resources culture are now at a competitive disadvantage when it comes to staffing their classrooms.

For teachers, there’s nothing more dispiriting than knowing how you could be a more effective educator but having the discretion to do so removed from your sphere of control. The dwindling supply of teachers will naturally gravitate toward the schools that impose the fewest impediments on their ability to freely implement their professional training. Those districts in which a one-size-fits-all policy of “district-approved practices” largely preempts teachers’ professional judgment will end up with the highest number of teacher-less classrooms.

Steve Bismarck


Repeal Senate Bill 762

This bill affects 8.8% of Oregon residents. Changing the map will not solve the lack of foresight on this bill. SB 762 is a clear takeover of private property by using government jurisdiction.

The Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution provides that private property shall not be “taken for public use without just compensation.” This part of the Fifth Amendment, the “takings clause,” requires that federal government and state government (through the 14th Amendment) compensate an owner after a “taking” of private land. Regulatory taking results from government regulations that have a serious adverse effect on a person’s land, such as government jurisdiction.

The loss to homeowners is their property value. If you can’t get insurance for a property, you can’t sell it, and the mortgage companies can call in loans. The state has no plan to help homeowners with their homeowners’ insurance. There is no infrastructure for SB 762. These are grounds for a class action lawsuit.

The sponsor of the bill, Jeff Golden, says, “We are trying to defend our state from destruction.” It’s like, do what we say, or else. Put the $200 million towards fighting fires and public education.

Kathy Lambie