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Letters, Aug. 21

Wildfire risk bill necessary

Kathy Lambie’s letter on repealing SB 762 is an unfortunate example of the sort of overheated rhetoric that too often substitutes for informed discussion.

There is obvious frustration with the wildfire risk map, since it made no provision for those who have done the sort of due diligence on their property that is discussed in the bill. But the bill is hardly a “takeover” of private property. It is a reasoned attempt to deal with the realities of climate change in the wildland/urban interface.

I have lived on the same property in the Applegate for 51 years. Fire has always been a concern, but in the last 10-15 years, preparing for fire has become a year-round process due to a warmer, drier climate. Despite this change, all of us who live in the woods drive by properties where little has been done to adapt to the current climate reality.

There are responsibilities inherent in living in the wildland areas of Southern Oregon, and higher values than just the maximum profit from our properties. Sen. Jeff Golden has helped to craft a law that responds to a real and immediate issue. That is what good governance can and should do.

Ken Chapman


Re-elect Jeff Golden

Anyone who lived in Jackson County during the Almeda Fire will remember the fear, destruction and loss suffered by so many.

At long last, much housing has been made available and more is under construction for folks who lost everything to the fire. And, beginning shortly after the fire, a lot of effort continues to find a means to make sure such damage doesn’t happen again. Sen. Jeff Golden’s SB 762 is an important part of the answer.

SB 762 passed into law with bipartisan support after months of meetings and study. I am very grateful for Jeff’s leadership in creating a practical, comprehensive, proactive program focusing on what’s needed to make sure we can survive a future fire.

We must keep Jeff in office to continue his important leadership on the issues of wildfire and the other effects of climate change. Please re-elect Jeff Golden as our state senator.

Karen Smith


Green Bag thanks

“Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.” — Oprah Winfrey.

Many thanks to the Green Bag donors who ride the bus with us (and keep the wheels from falling off) supporting the Rogue Valley pantries. See www.neighborhoodfoodproject.org for how your small Green Bag donation can make a mountain of difference.

1st Phoenix Community Center Pantry is kept on the road by volunteers (and foundations and granters) who know there is no limo in Phoenix. If you need ways to help recover from the trauma of the Almeda fire and to “just do something!” — please join us Friday at 10 a.m. or Saturday mornings anywhere between 8 and noon at Second and Church streets, Phoenix. We will welcome you onto the bus. Bring your heart and hands.

Karen Jones

Phoenix Food Project district coordinator