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Letters, Aug. 24

Why was McComas fired?

Chad McComas was fired as executive director of Rogue Retreat on Aug. 17. Siskiyou Rising Tide and Siskiyou Abolition Project accused McComas of having “links to a group that espoused gay conversion in 2018” and “bigotry.”

Three investigations ensued (an in-house that found no wrongdoing and two independent). The city of Medford confirmed a link, but it was not sufficient enough to revoke its grant money to McComas’ church for their provided services. The other investigation found “no evidence of discrimination by McComas or Rogue Retreat to LGBTQIA+ persons (or any other persons)”.

Rogue Retreat stated that firing McComas only had to do with financial stability.

Does this mean that funding was being withheld until McComas was fired? Was McComas fired due to the “cancel culture” that is controlling humans and businesses?

Is it wrong to oust people (who are doing their jobs in a responsible way), because they have a different belief than you have? Rogue Retreat has been known to actually help people get and stay in stable housing so they can get training/education/jobs to help themselves support themselves and their families.

From what I read, I have concluded that McComas was fired because he has different beliefs.

Carol Koszyk


Tell people where you stand

It’s a fair question for every Republican candidate.

Do you support the constitutional transfer of power — or do you subscribe to Donald Trump’s Big Lie that the 2020 election was stolen?

No one can champion both.

Any attempt to question a presidential election upheld by 60 courts — and repeated state recounts — must be taken as a refusal to defend our Constitution against the threats of a liar who launched a lethal attack on our nation’s Capitol.

The Republican Party we once knew is dead. Courageous conservatives like Rep. Liz Cheney have been purged in favor of Trump’s Big Lie. CPAC recently feted a foreign autocrat who said Republicans should “make their own rules.” Jackson County’s Republican Central Committee voted unanimously to back the Big Lie.

We are one nation under one Constitution. It is incumbent on honest Republicans to defend the Constitution of the United States.

Candidates, tell the people where you stand!

Alberto Enriquez