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Letters, Aug. 28

A thoughtful suggestion

Instead of building potentially catastrophic LNG and oil pipelines for the benefit of big business, foreign entities and politicians in the pockets of lobbyists, perhaps we should build pipelines for a more precious resource — water — from areas of devastating abundance (see recent events in the southwest and most of the Eastern seaboard), and transported to replenish the aquifers and farming resources of California, Washington, Oregon and other areas of drought and fire.

Michael Emmens



My husband and I were in a local bank parking lot last week and in the truck next to ours was a man yelling about a senator to his passenger. The more he complained about this senator the more hateful and angry he became.

His noxious tirade was spilling out of his truck cabin into the parking lot itself. I thought to myself how exhausting it must be to have so much hate for someone.

Then I realized that he was not just “some nut,” but a regular American. Like other regular Americans that have signs, bumper stickers, neighborhood fences and local businesses that say “Eff-you” comments to various politicians or ideals.

We are destroying ourselves!

“Hate destroys the vessel it’s kept in” — author unknown.

I have never seen an America like this one — not even in the late ’60s. People are spewing their hate like sewage to anyone who wants or doesn’t want to hear it.

Until we reject hate and start healing ourselves of this debilitating disease we are a doomed democracy.

Terri Rose

Central Point

Imagine the lessons

On Aug.13, hundreds of people drove through their neighborhoods collecting food for the valley’s food projects. Though many are retired, many too are college students and even high school students.

As I greet each car coming to the Ashland Emergency Food Bank I love seeing parents with their children helping them. Some are still in their car seats, but many are elementary school kids. Think of what those kids are learning from their parents.

You can easily help others. You can do something good for someone you don’t know and have fun in the process. Not everyone has everything they need but with just a little effort you can get them the most important thing, food.

You, too, can help. Become a donor or neighborhood coordinator by going to ashlandfoodproject.com or one of the other food projects in the Rogue Valley.

Brad Galusha, Ashland Food Project board