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Letters, Aug. 31

Editor’s note: This letter has been corrected from the version that appeared in the print edition

Krause is the right person

We currently have three bodies filling our county commissioner positions. These positions are too important just the have “bodies” filling them. We need people who are willing to work and who are also smart.

Denise Krause is one of these people! In November we need to put a person in as commissioner who 1) has experience running a huge business, 2) is capable of making good decisions, and 3) is willing to put in the huge amount of time and effort it takes to make this county run as it should.

And please don’t look at this position from a partisan viewpoint. Republican, Democrat or independent doesn’t matter at this level of our government. The correct people do!

Denise Krause is the correct person to replace Rick Dyer in November.

Jerry Kenefick


Climate crisis considerations

Over the last decade, many efforts have been launched to place Oregon on a rational downward trajectory of greenhouse gas emissions causing global warming and stimulating wildfires that devastate our state. Time and again, these efforts have been thwarted in the legislature. Two of the leading promoters of our wildfires are now seeking the state governorship.

The two opponents of climate action are Betsy Johnson and Christine Drazan. As chair of Ways and Means, Johnson repeatedly prevented sane legislative proposals from reaching the floors of the chambers. Meanwhile, House Minority Leader Drazan organized the last anti-democratic walkout from the chamber to break the quorum and thwart passage of the climate bill and many other important proposals.

It’s simple! Oregonians wishing to promote the end of life as we know it on this planet should vote Johnson or Drazan. Those wishing to solve the climate crisis, should vote for Tina Kotek.

Bruce Bauer