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Online letters

Oppose changes to Title IX

I am writing to sound the alarm about the Biden administration’s proposed regulations to Title IX.

The U.S. Department of Education published in the Federal Register a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to rewrite the federal regulations that implement Title IX to expand the law’s scope, without congressional approval, to include sexual orientation and gender identity. Congress would not pass Title IX today under this proposal.

Under the proposed changes the federal government would require schools to: 1) permit males who identify as females to use privacy facilities set aside for females, and vice versa. Girls/women will have to surrender their right to privacy by males who claim a female identity; 2) require sports teams to be based on gender identity, instead of biological sex, forcing girls and women to compete on an unfair basis for athletic opportunities and scholarships against males and creating significant risks of injury for girls and women; 3) adopt policies which rather than support families will intrude on family rights as they navigate the difficult waters associated with gender dysphoria.

To comment about these proposed regulations go to the link “Nondiscrimination on the Basis of Sex in Education ...” at www.regulations.gov by Sept. 12.

Sam Chimento

Eagle Point

Broaden your sources

I think most would agree that our current hyper-partisan political divide is at least partly caused by the proliferation of information sources in our digital age. We tend to read and watch those that conform to our bias. The internet and social media are especially notorious in their disinformation, largely because they have not been accountable for their content. And the First Amendment provides protection to those who wish to mislead.

Traditional media (newspapers, published news magazines, and TV) on the other hand have a higher standard of accountability because they are peer-reviewed and edited, and because their businesses have much to lose if they perpetually spread misinformation. Obviously, this is relative since we see biased reporting from the fringes of traditional media as well.

Democracy requires responsible citizenship. If we are to come together as a society toward truth, we need to approach our information sources more critically. Is a source credible and who funds it? Does the author have a responsible resume? Are sources referenced? If a headline pulls strongly on emotions, be suspicious. Use fact checkers. Here are some sources that can help: Adfontesmedia.com, politifact.com, factcheck.org, snopes.com. Finally, broaden your sources: Look for information from contrasting viewpoints.

Bruce Van Zee


Washington warned us

In his farewell address, our first president knew the great responsibility that came with the office. George Washington left a stern warning against those who would use the powers of the office and the laws of our land, to enrich themselves and their cadre. Washington warned against partisanship becoming more important than our laws.

If a jury of your peers were limited only to people who would do the exact same thing you did, there wouldn’t be any convictions, and any charges not made by a loyalist must be political. This is “the ill concerted and incongruous projects of faction” that George Washington warned us about.

Tom Espinosa


Anniversary of 9/11

As another anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks that killed 2,977 Americans approaches, I am thinking about the following facts.

There were 19 hijackers — 15 from Saudi Arabia, two2 from the United Arab Emirates, one each from Lebanon and Egypt. The attacks were orchestrated by Osama bin Laden,whose family had close ties to the Saudi royal family.

The U.S. response to terrorism has been to wage war in the Middle East involving countries who pose no threat to our national security. In particular our wars/bombings in the Afghanistan/Pakistan war zone have caused the deaths of 243,000 — more than 70,000 were innocent civilians — and continuing our reign of terror in the Middle East, we are selling arms to Saudi Arabia that are being used to cause a humanitarian crisis in Yemen and sequestering billions of dollars of Afghanistan’s money contributing to mass starvation there.

With these facts in mind, I’m reminded of this statement by historian Howard Zinn: “The power of the people on top depends on the aquiescence of the people below.” Are we acquiescing to being a terrorist nation?

Barry Peckham