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Letters, Sept. 11

Assessor isn’t doing the job

During the Sept. 8 Jackson County Board of Commissioners meeting, a report of the review by the Oregon Department of Revenue of the Assessor’s Office was presented.

For at least 10 years, 80% of assessor functions have not been performed, partially performed, or performed incorrectly. It appears a poorly maintained 2002 computer system may need to be replaced. The mess may take between three to five years to rectify. I am led to believe that property taxes may not have been computed properly for many years.

Assessor Dave Arrasmith, who has been in charge for six of those 10 years, did not accept responsibility for the problem or for fixing it. Arrasmith is the elected assessor and heads that office. It is his responsibility to deal with the problem and create a plan to fix it.

A subordinate to Arrasmith has been trying her best to figure out what to do and develop a plan. The county administrator offered assistance. It appears that the staff is trying hard to fix this mess with no direction or guidance from the assessor. I wonder if I’ve been overpaying my taxes.

How long until the election for his position?

Joyce Chapman

Shady Cove

Where are the churches?

I am very curious as to the true number of homeless in the valley now. There are entire families sleeping in cars at our rest areas and parks currently.

Medford passed an ordinance allowing churches to have three cars in their parking lots in 2019. As to date, zero churches are participating.

I call on every single one to open their parking lots. Not their doors, mind you.

Please get these families somewhere safe immediately!

Penelope Dill


Thanks to law enforcement

I would like to give a shout-out to our local law enforcement and collaborating agencies that are diligently working to identify and destroy illegal pot grows in Southern Oregon.

After reading a recent “Since You Asked” column, it was eye-opening to read about the numerous agencies involved, and the lengthy, well-planned process of a pot raid, which sounds quite onerous. We have seen numerous successful raids of illegal pot grows most recently and I am appreciative of each person and agency that contributed to these successful raids. Well done!

Tammy Noble

White City