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Letters, Sept. 20

Vote for Rick Dyer

My son has played basketball with Rick Dyer’s son since they were kids all the way through high school.

Rick has always been a strong supporter on the sidelines and as a coach. Rick and his wife Kara provided travel, a place to sleep and food to anyone that needed it. He was a positive role model instrumental in creating lifelong memories and friendships for these boys.

Rick is fair and measured in his approach to challenges he faces. His law degree and current experience as commissioner makes him the most qualified candidate by far.

Please join me in voting for Rick Dyer for Jackson County commissioner.

Lori Goodrich



I recently read “The Indian Camp” printed in Harper’s New Monthly Magazine, April 1881. This poem praises the chief and his squaw. Squaw meant wife.

I taught Indian children in the late 1960s. In my desk was a list of words I was not supposed to use amongst the Indian children. Squaw was not on this list compiled by Indians.

Why did a term of respect become a slur? Would someone inform me when squaw, meaning wife, became a slur? What is the new meaning?

I would like a clear definition of the term squaw. The Mail Tribune describes squaw as a slur, painful, harmful, derogatory, racist, offensive and dehumanizing. Perhaps the Mail Tribune should give a clear definition and not a list adjectives.

Another topic: Will re-electing Jeff Golden solve the Portland problem?

Bill Hartley


Rescinding my campaign

To the citizens of Shady Cove:

I, Jay Taylor, officially remove my hat from the ring. I will not be running for mayor of Shady Cove.

My decision not to run was after the deadline of Sep. 2. At this time it is too late to have my name officially taken off the ballot. To be clear, my name will be on the ballot but I am not running for mayor nor will I accept the position.

I will continue as a city councilor through the end of my term. I feel this is an important position and I will still be able to serve the citizens of Shady Cove. Thank you.

Jay Taylor

Shady Cove councilor

Forced to choose

The emergence of Trumpism is forcing us to choose between two versions of reality. For those who chose Trump’s version, consider that Hitler’s fundamental tactic was to “divide and conquer.” To gain power in his own country, and before invading other countries, his agents sowed seeds of hate and disunity, turning governments against their allies, people against their government, class against class, group against group, neighbor against neighbor.

With that accomplished, most of the work was already done: those who believed in Hitler’s delusions gladly did the dirty work of murdering or silencing the rest of the population whose naivete and faith in humanity prevented them from believing that it could ever happen there. None of what Hitler perpetrated could have happened without normal human beings embracing and individually acting on his narcissistic, paranoid delusions and lies.

Please think carefully about this: There is nothing new in the world except the history we don’t know, and those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

Dan Fellman