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Letters, Sept. 20

Ask Bentz to support gun laws

Congressman Cliff Bentz voted against the bill that would have banned the sale of semiautomatic rifles like the AR-15, used in so many school shootings.

His written statement on guns says he supports the Second Amendment. But the Second Amendment was ratified in 1791. This is decades — decades — before the modern bullet was invented by Henri Gustave Delvigne in 1826.

Imagine if we used regulations written in the late 1700s for anything else. Imagine if we used traffic laws written centuries ago to keep us safe on our highways. It wouldn’t work, any more than antiquated gun laws are keeping us safe now. Thomas Jefferson wrote that our Constitution should be updated every 19-20 years in order to stay relevant.

In my opinion, the theory that a proliferation of guns in our country would keep us safe has been disproven. Now, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, the Centers for Disease Control and the University of Michigan, the leading cause of death for America’s children in 2022 is gun violence. If you are as horrified by this statistic as I am, please contact Congressman Bentz and ask him to support laws that keep us and our children safe.

Anne Batzer

White City

Ashland flag guidelines

Your Sept. 9 edition included a story about the Ashland City Council’s plans to develop guidelines on what flags can be flown from city flagpoles. No doubt a wise and foresightful move. I would like to offer a few considerations.

First, flags are symbols and have a much greater significance than banners, window displays, or lawn signs. The flags flown from city flagpoles should represent all the people with the American flag uppermost and the Oregon flag below.

A third flag, if flown, should never represent a specific organization, group, religion, or political party. To do so would truly be opening Pandora’s Box. If a federally recognized holiday has a sanctioned flag, I would have no issue with displaying it.

Please don’t underestimate the emotional symbolism of flags for the American people.

John Frank